Sunday, July 12, 2015

A well deserved break

This is the first "text" post since the beginning of this blog. That's because It seems that what I want to say it doesn't fit on a regular t-shirt...

It has been an amazing journey. After five and a half years, day after day without missing to post, 2164 uninterrupted t-shirts, and a degree of graphic design later (and lots and lots of fun), I think I deserve a little break slash holidays slash time out.

The purpose of this blog has been achieved so far in the personal scope and now it's time for engaging new projects. So thank you very much for be there watching the t-shirts, asking where to buy them, and spam me a little bit about blank t-shirt suppliers. ;)

…and one more thong… Oops! thing.

I know some of you really love some t-shirts from here. I would like to ask you if some day you see someone wearing a t-shirt design from this blog, please let me know and comment in this same post and upload a picture if you can. That'll be fun!

See you around.

1 comment:

  1. You may or may not remember me. Years ago, when I happened upon your site and t-shirt ideas, I advised you that your idea was being copied. Now..your idea is a "t-shirt meme" I wish you would have capitalized from this idea. It had been done, but noone was doing it. I'm going to make my own Blind Melon. That's my fave. Thank you.


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